We may be small, but our service capabilities are anything but – thanks to the deep experience of our principals and an extensive network of top-drawer creative and production partners. So go ahead and think big. We’ve got the tools to make it happen.

  • Integrated Marketing

    Comprehensive marketing campaigns tailored to specific client needs, employing any and all service capabilities as needed

  • Branding

    Strategy-driven campaigns to establish your company’s identity and keep it top-of-mind with your specific target market

  • Website Development

    Web designs that are customer-friendly, easy to manage, and function seamlessly across – mobile, tablet, and desktop

  • Digital Advertising

    Highly targeted digital ad programs that build brands, drive sales, and elicit customer response to specific client goals

  • Social Media

    Extensive experience in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms for cohesive campaigns tailored to your needs

  • Email Marketing

    For individual promotions or ongoing campaigns designed to dodge SPAM filters and engage your target audience

  • Print & Collateral

    Award-winning copy and design expertise in traditional print media, including ads, brochures, signage and more

  • Video

    High quality, economical video production capabilities for website, social media, and other applications


Our clients range from small local firms to multi-national corporations in a wide variety of fields. And their diversity is matched by loyalty – many have been with us for 3 years or more. Want to know why? Hire us and find out.

  • Apartments/Property Mgmt

    Including major multi-property rental concerns throughout the Chicago metro area and in select other markets

  • Real Estate Development

    Homebuilders and remodelers, residential and commercial developers, real estate brokerages in Chicagoland and beyond

  • RV/Motorcoaching

    Industry-leading manufacturers and resellers in the elite field of Prevost conversion motorcoaches

  • Legal/Professional Services

    Including law firms and financial services providers serving a diverse range of private, public and business interests

  • Industrial/Corporate

    Ranging from small family-owned service companies to large multi-national industrial manufacturers and distributors

  • Retail/Restaurants

    Individual restaurants and restaurant groups, specialty retailers, product resellers, consumer services and more


MA is short for Mike and Al, as in Mike Templeton and Allan Yalowitz, the principals of MA Interactive. ‘Mad Men’ they’re not – no glitzy offices or busty secretaries. Mad scientists is more like it. Think SEO, SEM, PPC, CPA, KPI and all the other arcane acronyms that make up today’s marketing landscape. MA knows the terrain and has the talent, tools, and tactics to pinpoint your target, fine-tune your message, and make your presence felt in a big way. Work for you? You bet they will.

    930 West Division Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60622

    2700 Patriot Blvd, Suite 250
    Glenview, Illinois 60026

  • Mike Templeton, Principal

    An MBA with 20+ years of experience on both client and agency sides, Mike is uniquely suited to his role as MA’s head of strategic planning and account management. He spent 12 years in executive-level marketing positions with three major homebuilding companies before joining friend and colleague Al Yalowitz to spearhead the digital venture that would become MA. Since then, Mike has proven adept at providing clients with timely, effective solutions that make the most of every dollar spent.

  • Allan Yalowitz, Principal

    Al is truly a pioneer in digital creative, a 25+ year veteran who designed his first commercial website when internet marketing was a novelty, not a necessity. He has stayed ahead of the curve ever since, quickly mastering new tools and techniques in his determination to deliver the best possible solution to every challenge. Indeed, it is Al’s grasp of the creative possibilities in the interactive space that largely defines MA’s capabilities and competitive edge over any other digital agency in the area.


If you have a project you’d like to discuss, or just want to find out more about MA Interactive, we’d love to hear from you. Complete and submit the form and one of us will get back to you within 24 hours.


  • MA Interactive – Chicago
    930 West Division Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60622

  • MA Interactive – Glenview
    2700 Patriot Blvd, Suite 250
    Glenview, Illinois 60026